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13 definitions by assmaster

more vile than a regular cunt
she is worse than that, she is a Helen Hunt Cunt.
Beküldő: assmaster 2004. május 23.
50 38
shaved vagina.
damn, in really need to make a big deposit in that chicks flesh wallet
Beküldő: assmaster 2004. május 23.
13 2
a person who doesn't reveal too much about themselves
that tommy is a cagey fuck
Beküldő: assmaster 2004. május 23.
42 32
An instance of damage or malfunction, usually relating to computer hardware.
Downloading pirated software from Kazaa and getting a load of viruses will cause much borkage.
Beküldő: assmaster 2003. szeptember 1.
18 8
one who kisses penis
the penis kisser got jiggy with my lippy piper all night and i blasted his face with wet cum.
Beküldő: assmaster 2003. június 14.
19 9
bringing a girl to orgasm so hard and fast she moans like a whale out of painful pleasure
she was down on all fours going off like a whale.
Beküldő: assmaster 2004. május 23.
9 4
A very attractive ho.
Man, I am real conflicted about taking a slice of those slutcakes she has.
Beküldő: ASSMASTER 2004. május 23.
14 9