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To feel like there are bugs crawling all over you.
I hate the feeling of formication...oh wait, this isn't formication! I am sitting on an ant hole! Eek!!
Beküldő: Aly 2005. március 26.
One who aspires to change the world; a dreamer.
They're trying to pull an Alycin.
Beküldő: aly 2004. augusztus 8.
My bi buddy *kisses*
Raqy is da bomb
Beküldő: aLy 2004. május 3.
Small town mainly populated with old people and old people activities
If your under 50 stay away!
Beküldő: aly 2004. szeptember 5.
Decribes anything pleasureable you do with your significant other from holding hands to sex. It can also mean a good looking person.
"I got some pie last night!"

"He's some pretty good pie"
Beküldő: Aly 2003. június 10.
Going out in sub-zero temperatures without a coat on purposely in defiance.
"Dude, I just pulled a frozen chinese guy!"
Beküldő: Aly 2004. január 25.
Small nugget-like potatoes.
Just taters, please.
Beküldő: aly 2004. január 7.
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