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When person sleeping next to you has toenails so long and jagged they can pierce your legs
Damn that bitch is hot, oh nasty check out the dracula foot
Beküldő: Zac 2005. február 1.
A male who likes to "jack off" or masturbate alot.
"Hey throttle jockey, did u have fun with pamela handerson last night??"
Beküldő: Zac 2004. április 11.
The rule that confirms that as the number of trials increases, the actual probability approaches the expected probability. If you flip a coin 1000 times, you might get 470 heads. Or 550 -- expected probabilities of .47 and .55, respectively. But, damn it, the limiting value of that probability as the number of flips increases without bound is going to be .5.
Brother, if you continue playing that slot machine, the law of large numbers is going to get your ass.
Beküldő: Zac 2003. október 6.
something that is not right
oh, i shagged my mates wife last night
jesus, thats not on
Beküldő: zac 2003. november 24.
The New York Times.
I just picked up a copy of today's NYT.
Beküldő: Zac 2003. október 6.
short term for 'on my fucking oath mate'

generally Australian origins meaning 'dead set' .. for real .. genuinely .. fair dinkum.
Kenoath .. for sure, I saw what happened.
Beküldő: Zac 2004. december 28.
one who collects and/or hords sex

that chick jamie, she a sex monger
Beküldő: Zac 2005. január 7.
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