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To take another dose of laxatives
Joe was still constipated and decided to relax.
#laxative #dose #meds #bowel #enema
Beküldő: Wildthing 2011. május 30.
A charva (sngl) is a person that has a very low IQ, a very limited vocabulary and a very low status on the social ladder of the United Kingdom. Charvers (pl)originally from the North East reigon of England (eg Newcastle, Sunderland & Middlesbrough) plague the streets of these cities in large groups as it it the only way for them to gather any remote intelligence of their species as indivaidual charvers only have a fraction of a brain-cell within them.

This inferior species of mankind are set in the ways of trying to destroy themselves by taking drugs, drinking cheap alchol such as cider, by smoking. Charvers also put the lives of other people at stake as well as the have a habit of stealing cars (particularly old models of nissans and fords as well as transit vans) and driving them at unsafe velocities until the crash which then causes their inferior minds to contemplate setting the car or van alight as they believe it is a good idea and fun.

Should you run into a charva or a group of charvers (otherwise known as a crew) you are likely to be asked a question in the language of the charva that is almost impossible to understand. At the most a charva may be able to make a barley co-herient sentence such as "Lens 'is a tab" or " Hu you think ur lukin at, ye want bangin out"

Charvers dispise anyone who shows any signs of individuality. They can only tolerate being around people who dress like them. The typical charver clothing consists of a horizontally striped fred perry jumper, tracksuit bottoms, over priced hiking boots named rockports and overpriced waterproof coats called berghaus's.

Should you come across any of these poor, socially retarded, exuses of human beings it is recommended that you do not make eye contact and that you walk away as if they detect any eye contact between you and them they will look to pick a fight with you.
The view on charvers in many north eastern cities of the UK is that they are a waste of time, space, money and resources and that they only exist as a plague of todays modern day society.
Beküldő: wildthing 2004. június 29.
A cross between a tiger and a pig
Thati new guy sure runs hot and cold, what a tig.
#bipolar #striped pig #stinks and almost extinct #swine feline #meat eating vegan
Beküldő: Wildthing 2012. január 16.
A person married to his or her spouse for the sole purpose of becoming a legal resident
Roy hoped Mia would accept his wedding proposal and be his paper mate.
#marriage certificate #green card #marriage license #witness #vows
Beküldő: Wildthing 2013. június 26.
Person who has been house bound(an invalid) ventures out of the house on a trial basis.
Joe may cancel meals on wheels if he can remain an outvalid.
#healed #confident #independent #social #free
Beküldő: Wildthing 2011. május 12.
Partial exposure of the penis usually by teenage boys wearing their pants well below the waist. Akin to women's cleavage and plumber's crackage.
Several boys were suspended from school for displaying cockage
#immodest #indecent #shameless #impudent #brash
Beküldő: Wildthing 2013. február 18.
Wildify comes from "wild". To wildify, to turn something wild.
Wildify my hairstyle!
#wild #wilderness #outdoor #crazy #crazyness
Beküldő: WildThing 2013. szeptember 26.
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