11 definitions by Wangsta

To be kool.
That du rag be koo dawg.
Beküldő: Wangsta 2003. november 18.
(n.) Nonsensical and inappropriate quotations of an inadequate JV basketball coach directed at his team, made in a vain attempt to seem "cool" and "tough".
Nobody pissed in your mouth, gouged your eyeballs out, or stuck a broomstick up your ass, so stop complaining!
Beküldő: Wangsta 2005. február 15.
to loosely follow normal working hours
Man, I've got to Furey today, I've got a 6 p.m. flight to catch, think I'll leave around noon.
Beküldő: Wangsta 2003. december 24.
Johnny thats a big wang!
Beküldő: Wangsta 2003. január 28.
something or someone who is "off the hezzy" or koo.
Look at dat doo he be pimpin out.
Beküldő: wangsta 2003. november 17.
the underworld ruled by satan (Hades)
go to hell (underworld) lol
Beküldő: Wangsta 2003. január 28.
Royce Hurlock
He's wanksta
Beküldő: wangsta 2003. március 18.

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