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A ghetto sprite is a recipe for a drink that is similar to a sprite but will cost nothing (with free refills) at the restaurant. If you cannot order a Sprite due to low funds or simply you are a cheap ass. Then a GHETTO SPRITE will suffice. A Ghetto SPrite is a glass of Ice water with a lemon. It may be the closest thing to a actual soft drink, but without the cost..
What would you like to drink??....Customer A: a Iced Tea,... Customer B: a Diet Coke... Customer Three... A Ice water with lemon.... (aka a GHETTO SPRITE.).. This third customer is not going to tip you very well.
Beküldő: Vertical Ted 2008. február 24.
Legarta is a term for a FNG (Fucking New Guy) that you must train on the job. This person's responsibilty is to be your bitch.. your legarta... He/she will follow your orders and their purpose is to kiss your butt and make you happy and to make you feel smart and to do your lowly tasks for you.
You have been assigned to train a new guy at work. In order to make this work for both of you, you need him to get your respect and he will obey and do what he is requested of in order to impress you and get trained. He is at your mercy and essentially is your "bitch". But you cannot use the word "bitch" at work. The title "Legarta" is exotic and profeesional and is much more appropriate and gives your bitch a sense of respect.
Beküldő: Vertical Ted 2008. február 24.
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