28 definitions by Tyson

The act of using one's finger or fingers to infiltrate one's anal opening or vaginal opening using extreme force and excessive repetitions.
Eddie finger blasted himself into a coma.
Beküldő: Tyson 2003. november 16.
Batshit Crazy Warmonger, or BCW. Often inciting wars and encouraging Imperalist behaviour in uneducated leaders.
1. Jesus, my new manager is a total rumsfeld, the CEO listens to everything he says, and the companies tanking.
Beküldő: Tyson 2003. január 27.
2. A drug-addicted person, most likely hooked on crack-cocaine. A crackhead.
That clucker ran off with her money like a bat out of hell.
Beküldő: Tyson 2003. április 1.
To engage in sexual activity. Sexual intercourse.
Say negro, have you and that broad Sadie cut up yet.
Beküldő: Tyson 2003. április 1.
Better than all the rest.
1. The netting definition is hot shit.
Beküldő: tyson 2003. január 28.
A crack pipe.
Damn, she needs to check herself into rehab and stop sucking on that glassdick.
Beküldő: Tyson 2003. április 2.
illegal spic named danny
danny you stupid sklever go get dry humped by mike tyson
Beküldő: Tyson 2004. december 5.

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