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10 definitions by Tomo

Best place in the world
Beküldő: Tomo 2003. szeptember 1.
943 426
When a woman is so fat that her pussy seems to have gotten fat; extra flab below the stomach and above the thighs.
"Yo, check out that fat bitch. She's rated PG."
Beküldő: Tomo 2005. március 29.
45 20
someone with a profound love of masterbating their penis
Jonny is a keen tool beater
Beküldő: Tomo 2004. december 14.
36 21
Acronym for "Pussy Clouds The Mind".

A disease where a male's judgement is severely impaired due to a woman's presence.
"Dude, Johnny has PCTM. We need to beat it out of him ASAP!"
Beküldő: Tomo 2005. március 27.
5 3
same as dirty or filthy or ugly
i went with a dorty bird last night
Beküldő: tomo 2003. július 18.
14 16
making a gesture in the shape of a gun with your hand, and proceding to pretend you are shooting someone. Usually perfected by people in their mid-30's
"Man, that facker started finger blasting me at the party like he thought he was cool."
Beküldő: ToMo 2003. október 29.
4 11
Lesile Strong
you is a peado
Beküldő: Tomo 2003. március 26.
5 17