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4 definitions by The Turtle's Head

the last half inch of a spliff
Hurry up with that doobie, you greedy cunt ... I don't want the paki's ankle!
Beküldő: the turtle's head 2007. október 14.
128 34
The last couple of hits on a spliff
Hey, cunty! Save me the droogles on that doobie!
Beküldő: The Turtle's Head 2007. október 12.
20 8
to be ripped off by someone beneath you
"I bought an eighth off Billy's little brother, and look at it ... there can't be more than a teenth here!"

"It looks like you've been flea fucked, mate!"
Beküldő: The Turtle's Head 2007. október 30.
16 5
the last hit, spliff or drink of the day that keeps the monkey off your back while you sleep
Jimmy didn't want to wake up rattling, so he had a simian's supper before he hit the sack
Beküldő: The Turtle's Head 2010. szeptember 21.
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