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Crud is that stuff that you find caked on to the back of a household oven. It also is popular with little kids for a substitute fof "crap", so they don't get in trouble and have to go to the office.
CRUD! I got detention for breathing!
Beküldő: That Bum 2005. május 3.
mtv is emptyv, no substance
the other day i slipped into a comma, it felt like i was watching mtv
Beküldő: That Bum 2005. június 5.
vibrating a liquid in your throat
she gargled the fluid
Beküldő: That Bum 2005. május 24.
void of any substance, like slipping into a comma.
last night i was watching mtv and it felt like my mind was going emptyv.
Beküldő: That Bum 2005. június 5.
a truly lame act; someone that has overacheived in being an idiot
"Comming up with a definition for the word stuidious is as close to an example of the word as I can think of."
Beküldő: That Bum 2005. május 24.
Old English for "kiss my ass."
x: What's your E-mail?
Beküldő: That Bum 2005. május 24.
Crappy to the furthest extent, Also really , really crappy.Another meaning is a decent insult. See also -> craptacular crap crappy
adj. "That hoopty was crappy-crap-crap." insult "That butt was crappy-crap-crap."
Beküldő: That Bum 2005. április 30.

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