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13 definitions by Texas

southern methodist university... a place where the women are perfect, the cars are gleamingly new, the boys are frat and the money flows like the david yurman during rush week.
SMU- beautiful campus. beautiful girls. beautiful bank accounts.
Beküldő: texas 2005. április 22.
696 275
a word that is used when you don't feel like answering a question that is asked, even if it doesn't make sense.
your sis: dude, what are you watching
you: your mom!

bob: hey, what time is it?
you: your mom!
Beküldő: texas 2003. augusztus 4.
76 27
(O>) he ownz joo all
chicken ownz joo!
Beküldő: texas 2004. március 1.
22 8
Sickest wheelin truck there is. Especially the first gen, 1971, like mine. Mobbs deep. 350ciV8, 2dr,full convertible...
lets hop in the blazer,roll frisco, bust out an 8th, and roll up a hella fat wrap
Beküldő: Texas 2004. április 17.
11 6
Incredibly sexy and toned legs on a girl.
Caitlin has got those bling bling legs! Hook 'em horns!
Beküldő: Texas 2004. március 9.
12 9
habits, fears, or acts foreign to others but essential to you
My fear of walking up a ladder is one of my weirdisms.
Beküldő: texas 2003. július 18.
2 0
A military word used to describe a leader who is totally out of his mind and worthless.
Once again he's cowboy 6in it in Afghanistan again.
Beküldő: texas 2005. április 7.
6 7