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4 definitions by SpecialK

A word for someone that is so fat and obese that they can't see past their rolls of blubber
ie: greedy bastard!!
You are one fat cunt, who ate all the pies?
Beküldő: specialk 2003. július 23.
99 48
When a female muff has been through the wars and looks more like a pile of 'corned beef' than anything else
eeewhhh your fanny looks like's a pair of 'corned beef curtains'
Beküldő: specialk 2003. július 23.
27 10
A person with such a giant nose, it can only be compared to the obstacle that was featured in the classic game show, Family Double-Dare.
"Shut up, double-dare."
Beküldő: specialk 2003. november 19.
5 41
When someone asks you a question that there is no way they will get the answer from you, you say 'omerta'.
"Who are you seeing before the dance"
Beküldő: SpecialK 2004. október 31.
25 125