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Thee greatest musclecar, ever! Kickin ass since 1969. Yes sir, for little money, you can haul ass and beat anything. Hot chicks love these cars, and will probably give you head while enjoying a ride in your F-Body.
My Trans Am will kick the shit out of your pussy car.
Beküldő: Spartans! 2004. november 8.
Underrated bassist in the greatest band, MOTLEY CURE! Better than any of those chaches in the new rock shit these days. Nikki is the last of great musicians. He died once, but was revived by getting adrenaline injected straight into his heart. They kickstarted Nikki's heart!
Nikki Sixx is the man.
Beküldő: Spartans! 2004. december 2.
Dr. Feelgood
Kickstart My Heart
Knock 'em Dead Kid
Looks That Kill
Girls Girls Girls!
Too Young To Fall In Love
Beküldő: Spartans! 2004. november 8.
Thee greatest metal band, ever! Along with kickass Judas Priest, Maiden kicks the shit out of any of the shitty new bands. Iron Maiden, we salute you!
Iron Maiden kicks fuckin ass!
Beküldő: Spartans! 2005. február 2.
The ONLY decent thing on that stupid ass channel called MTV. On during the late 80's through the early 90's. Hosted by a cool person named Riki Rachtman, he'd feature kickass metal. He actually knows what he talking about. There is a new version of the show, but isn't good, or the same as the old one, because today's nu metal blows.
The old Headbanger's Ball was cool because that's when metal was metal. Fuck MTV.
Beküldő: Spartans! 2004. december 3.
The best cars in history. Started in the greatest city ever, Detroit. When put against pussies like british, german or any other european cars, the muscle car will beat the shit out of it. V-8, CID, Detroit Muscle, bitch. V-12's with cylinders the size of quarters? NO!
Gumba Gumba is a douchebag, retard because he doesn't know shit about real cars, muscle cars.

Again, Gumba Gumba is a douche because he said that "the chassis will typically crumple in any accident" Uh, not really jackass, it's called steel, which is something called strong.

My T/A can tear the shit out of that fag's gay BMW.

I remember the good ol days when if someone wasn't driving a muscle car, you'd shoot them.
Beküldő: Spartans! 2004. november 9.
Any combination of an old, fat, gnarled, unsightly woman who is frumpy, dresses weird, etc. who doesn't have anything going for them besides their many cats at home.
Take a look at this old battlelack, she can't even drive.
#old #baggle #milkshake #slob #woman
Beküldő: Spartans! 2006. augusztus 7.
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