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25 definitions by Someone Else

A town in West London. Fairly chav infested. Not as bad as the North, but still nasty.
Uxbridge is a crap place to have to live for 4 years.
Beküldő: Someone else 2005. március 23.
74 87
1. remenants of making orenge juce
2. remenants of beating the crap out of some shit-head from the KKK
1. I love pulp
2. Dude me and my brothes trashed that KKK clan into pulp
Beküldő: someone else 2003. június 12.
9 23
The much better alternative to the Ford Falcon. The Holden Commodore is a very nice car, its powerful, comfortable, reliable and safe.
My VZ Commodore owns your piece of shit Flawed Falcon
Beküldő: Someone Else 2005. április 30.
17 34
Australia's favourite car. Currently the most popular car sold in Australia, due to the fact that it is faster, and more refined than its main competitor, the Ford Falcon.
The drivers that won Bathurst for the last two years in a row were driving VY Commodores.
Beküldő: Someone Else 2005. március 16.
62 150