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Term for a type of sunglasses with a sort or inverted teardrop shape that cover the entire eye. Popularized by Vietnam-era helicopter pilots (who looked slick as shit)
I traded Devin my pair of old aviators and he never takes them off.
Beküldő: Shai 2004. július 25.
To be unsure of an issue. To have your opinion change constantly.
Jim: I think all babies should be aborted. No wait, thats murder! On the other hand, shouldn't it be the decision of the mother depensing on the circumstances?

Jack: Stop waffling, or I'll kick you in the balls.

Jim: Fine, we'll abort all babies.

Jack: Now your talking!
Beküldő: Shai 2004. augusztus 22.
The god in the cart.
At the end of the world he meets himself going the other way.
Beküldő: Shai 2004. június 30.
word refering to someone who acts like gay.
look at him! i think he's a nashnash
Beküldő: shai 2005. március 19.
What Serena is nothing but
"Serena is nothing but a food stamp champ"
Beküldő: Shai 2005. május 7.
comes from the hebrew languge
meaning in english:
"check this out".
'kabel' i am going to surf that giant wave.
Beküldő: shai 2005. március 21.
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