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A predominatly white High School in the foggy suburb of Pacifica California. It features a tiger mascot, and is one of the heaviest drinking schools California.
The Terra Nova students showed their lackluster attitudes at the football game.
Beküldő: Schwank 2005. augusztus 5.
A extremely fine member of the opposite sex
That girl is a hot little treat.
Beküldő: Schwank 2004. november 3.
A delectible taste sensation, such as a cupcake. Usually in reference to another person.
I could beat that little cupcake treat's ass.
Beküldő: Schwank 2004. november 3.
a person, most often a female, that attributes the qualitys of a butterface as well a cunning and tricky snake
Jill the buttersnake's huge ass can't make up for her hook nose and aweful personality.
Beküldő: Schwank 2004. november 3.
The sound a bag of quarters makes when it hits someone upside the head, causing this individual to have a lazy eye.
that twack ass bitch can't even see straight
Beküldő: Schwank 2004. november 3.
A person who is undesirable or lame
They made me pass the ball to that treat.
Beküldő: Schwank 2004. november 3.
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