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5 definitions by Salt Licky

The Drawer that holds your socks.
I placed my socks in the Sock Drawer.
Beküldő: Salt Licky 2004. október 13.
18 9
To insert one's fist into another's vagina and punch with force, grinding your knuckles against their insides.
"I did some mad knuckle grinding on this one chick last night!"
Beküldő: Salt Licky 2004. október 13.
2 3
To insert the male genitalia up one's nose and furiously penetrate in and out.
"My girl and me had some hardcore nasal last night"
Beküldő: Salt Licky 2004. október 13.
29 33
A nickname for "Lovie, sweet heart, sugar, honey" and any other little name you call your significant other.
Person one: I love you salt licky!
Person two: As do I my salt licky :)
Beküldő: Salt Licky 2004. október 12.
4 10
A place where all the 'homies', 'bitches 'n hoes' and 'south siders' live.... ALSO! The Murder Capital of the USA ! Yay Chicago Rules!

Another definition: HELL
Idiot1: yo brotha les go to chitown an light us up some bitches 'n hoes

Idiot2: Dammm straii foo les go
Civilized Person 1: I have to go on a business to Chitown tomorrow.

Civilized Person 2: OH GOD NO SAVE YOUR SOUL!
Bitch1: Yooo brotha, Raul, Alfonzo, and Jamal banged mah ass foo in Chitown.

Bitch2: Oo sista yoo is doin' good 'n all!
Visitor1: That guy over there from Chitown wasn't really friendly, he bumped into my arm and scratched it by accident.

Visitor2: Holy shit! HACK IT OFF AND BURN IT!
Beküldő: Salt Licky 2004. október 5.
56 131