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4 definitions by SHADY MILKMAN

dont stop your hustle
keep grindin
get your paper up
dont let anyone get you down
keep your mind straight
ayt cuz, keep it spinnin.
Beküldő: SHADY MILKMAN 2005. június 5.
- Repulsive or offensive; objectionable, adjective means offensive to the sense of sight.
that chick is spitnasstic. (spit in your ass ugly)
Beküldő: Shady Milkman 2003. december 8.
A Person that is brain dead a fourm.
Beküldő: Shady Milkman 2003. augusztus 2.
Blow Job, Dome, Head, Fellatio
I want a smoothie. May i have a smoothie. You're a smoothie(Queen/King)
Beküldő: Shady Milkman 2003. december 8.