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3 definitions by SHADAB

the word KWS is generally used as an abbreviation to the work Keyword. Like KWD.
Annie: what are the kws
Shady: the target kws (kdw) are shadab or shady for the url:
Beküldő: Shadab 2013. október 11.
A married person (men) who is an open flirt. The person justifies the marriage as the "write protection" against romantic coup. read only
A : Hey beau ! I saw you getting cozy with that bombshell, wassup ?
B : Gimme a break, boy, I am write protected.
Beküldő: SHADAB 2005. szeptember 5.
A married women; because you can't legally get to write on her.
Alas ! she is read only :(
Beküldő: SHADAB 2005. szeptember 5.