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Extremely skimpy and revealing undergarments, usually women's, worn to divert attention from their faces while reducing waste of natural resources. Garments of similar minimalist design may be worn by men if they are gay or French.
For quick results Bill advises to check a woman for three things: underage, under the influence and underwhere.
#skimpy underwear #briefests #funderwear #undergarments favored by thongbirds (c.f.) #for men codpiece
Beküldő: Richmond RichardHof 2009. március 7.
Current spouse with whom one has an agreement to get a divorce or separation.
And this is Linda, my ex-wife to be, the lovely lady to whom I'm detrothed.
#future ex #ex wife husband to be #prevorced #deancee #antonym betrothed #ant. fiancee
Beküldő: Richmond RichardHof 2009. március 2.
In texting the inability to be witty, clever (or even coherent) when it's important to make a favorable impression.
She: Huh? Wht a dorky comment.
He: Uh, sorry, I get all thumb-tied when having text with a new girl--nervous, can't think of what to say uh do you like dogs?
She: Chill. Take a Beta blocker. SYL. Not! dork.
#regarding texting: the state of being inarticulate due to stress #performance anxiety #at a loss for words #antonyms re texting: glib #fluent
Beküldő: Richmond RichardHof 2009. február 24.
Females of the species, usually young and attractive, wearing swimming attire or less common undergarments designed with a narrow band of fabric extending across the pelvic arch and thence between the buttocks thereby connecting the frontal and dorsal parts of the garment.
He's such an unambitious pervert he gets off looking at the thong birds in Victoria's Secret or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
#bathing booties #woman in underwhere #women in thong swimsuits or underwear #sexy women in skimpy outfits #women so stunning they leave you thong tied
Beküldő: Richmond RichardHof 2009. március 2.
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