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3 definitions by Rich Lather

Cat, skinned and beheaded and passed off as a rabbit meat for human consumption.
During WWII many Londoners ate what they thought was rabbit, but it was roof rabbit.
Beküldő: Rich Lather 2005. június 19.
45 15
To be caught unware. Suprised. Modifiers include "down around the ankles".
Jim was financially overextended, his job layoff caught him with his pant down.
Beküldő: Rich Lather 2005. július 9.
41 21
Redneck slang term for squirrels, especially in the sense of eating squirrel.
Momma done rasselled up some tennessee tree chickens for dinner, pa.
Beküldő: Rich Lather 2005. június 19.
25 8