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3 definitions by PriorKnowledge

what you write on a public moderated chat when you mean "asshole". First seen in Wash Post columnist Carolyn Hax's discussions.
I told him he was being a glass bowl last time he did it
Beküldő: PriorKnowledge 2011. szeptember 11.
Taken from what a dog does before it attacks. It means to charge or attack with full ferocity.
The quarterback is in trouble now. With no running game, they have to pass every play so the defensive line are pinning their ears back and rushing the quarterback.
Beküldő: PriorKnowledge 2010. szeptember 21.
An adjective describing a sexy or lewd cell phone text message. It is a combination of the words sexual and text.
He sent her a sextual for a hookup that included a picture of his private parts.
Beküldő: PriorKnowledge 2011. május 23.