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The number that scientists have found out to be between Seven (7) and Eight (8).
"Oh boy, it's stivent o'clock!"
Beküldő: Pip 2003. április 28.
Praddy is an informal colloquialism of the word "pretty", and originates as such in the suburban dialects of Georgia, however usage has spread to many parts of the English speaking world.
"This building is praddy tall."

"Are you finished in the bathroom yet?"
"Praddy much."
Beküldő: Pip 2009. január 18.
A car with electronic injection etc. Came up during the building of a banger racer, when disscussing why that car can't be used.
Gosh darn it it's too electronicy!
Beküldő: PiP 2005. március 30.
nastily derived schoolyard word for someone who is or has done something foolish. first heard in the banbury area in the '80's
'you spacamatard'
Beküldő: pip 2003. április 15.
andrew woodward
swings both ways but enjoys it up the bumhole
Beküldő: pip 2003. október 9.
Someone or something that eats fruit in a weird way.
"That monkey is a Toyah!"
Beküldő: Pip 2003. október 1.
A method of growing weed using a screen, typically of chicken wire or something similar. It controls vegatative growth to form an even canopy of buds.
Screen of Green
Beküldő: pip 2004. március 8.

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