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A man who cuts rocks with a knife and sleeps standing up wherever he can. The Dustin Nath requires great skill holding a rock in one hand and sleeping while taking a piss.
I went to bed but woke up in the hallway with a rock in my pants, I guess I slept like a dustin nath.
Beküldő: Patrick 2005. március 13.
Large asian boobies.
Wow she has some bbags.
Beküldő: Patrick 2005. március 10.
I am gay, meaning i am fat and fugly
China, and i live in aus
Beküldő: Patrick 2005. február 14.
Someone who cheats(Usually with cheat codes)in an online game
That haxor!!!!1! i know you have god enabled im not retarded you haxor!
-Anonymous quote from Rainbow Six 3- Raven Shield
Beküldő: Patrick 2005. február 3.
an expirimental sexual scenario of aquired taste. First, party A places a bowel movement in party B's bed without party B's consent. Party A hides the feces with party B's blanket. When Party B sits down, Party A starts to make snake noises. when Party B says "why are you making snake noises?", party A says "because your sitting on my poop"
Patrick just rattlesnaked Connor, and now connor is on the fritz
Beküldő: Patrick 2005. március 10.
3)Just down right filthy.
Dang!Get yo dustass off me.
Beküldő: Patrick 2005. február 14.
One who likes large ladies.
Jamie May hearts fatties.
Beküldő: Patrick 2005. április 13.

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