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A genle mandered man, who likes to express himself through building up relationships with atleast 3-4 girls at once.
The LadiesMan has lots of girls.
Beküldő: Patrick 2003. június 17.
Slang for 'we are'.
We be goin' to tha sto'
Beküldő: Patrick 2003. február 12.
Having your dick sucked.
Oh, last night, the greatest thing ever happpened to me, thanks to your mom.
Beküldő: Patrick 2005. április 9.
A brand of whiskey (://www.speysidedistillery.co.uk/).
clear your thoughts with speyside
Beküldő: Patrick 2004. december 4.
The awesomest forward in the world. Critisized by the nba media. Mostly misunderstood. Fuck you all hes the best.
Beküldő: Patrick 2003. november 23.
blood term for cigarette
yo, can i bum a bigarette?
Beküldő: Patrick 2006. május 11.
An expression of celebration or joy
" I blow his fucking head open! w00t w00t!"
Beküldő: Patrick 2003. december 16.

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