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All these diffinitions are incorrect really, The band 'The butthole surfers' actually used this as their name because of all the things people would associate with it. What it actually means is when someone is running along and fall on their ass and slide on the grass. That is butthole surfing.
I love butthole surfers they own. Yas are all rpobably gunna gimme thumbs down but Its true!
Beküldő: PWnaGE 2005. március 6.
The pwnagest band ever so much more to them than what laymen pop fans hgave ever heard.
For fans of BHG u shud check out
-butthole surfers
-bare naked ladies
anyone know any similar bands?
Beküldő: PWnaGE 2005. március 6.
A make trouble, talk head, try and start a fight
This nigga gots squabbles!
Beküldő: Pwnage 2005. április 21.
Only the best band EVER.
I dont mind the sun sometimes the images it shows. I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes....
Beküldő: PWnaGE 2005. március 2.
Baesslered- 1.to be pwned and pwned hard. 2. To be shown your inferiority in all things
Excuse me sir, I am Andre Agasi lets play a game of tennis.

*one game latter*

Beküldő: PWnage 2003. november 18.
A word used to describe total power.
Bobby, your such a edd|y
Beküldő: PWNAGE 2005. március 28.
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