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4 definitions by Ooh la la

A woman who is so large as to merit a reference to an extinct species of beast. The proper term is 'chubbasaurus rex'.
"Aww, man, let's get out of here, that chubbasaur is trying to get my number."
Beküldő: Ooh la la 2007. augusztus 30.
39 10
When trying to decipher which Latin-based language a foreigner is speaking.
Try to speak slowly and enunciate, please, it's hard to differfrenchiate.
Beküldő: Ooh la la 2007. október 25.
2 2
A family having two or more sets of twins.
I don't plan on having more kids; that set of twintuplets was enough.
Beküldő: Ooh la la 2007. október 25.
0 2
According to Ricki Lake, what you're supposed to get yourself after you "drop that zero".
The lie detector test shows Joe has cheated on Mandy seven times; he begs her to stay with him when suddenly, a woman in the audience has the courage to say what everyone is thinking:
"Mmm, child, you need to drop that zero and get yourself a hero!"
*crowd cheers*
Beküldő: Ooh la la 2008. április 11.
7 12