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Also known as Ratkids.
Refers to a small group of anti social town dwellers that dress in a way which slightly resembles that of a clown. They take other peoples unique qualitys and take them as their own, claiming to be "scene kids" when that just proves that they are stealing other peoples scenes and identities.

How to spot them:
They usually flock around public family places such as; clock towers, parks, shopping centers, toyshops, canals and drive the nice familys away.

They love cheap hair dye, cheap cider, cheap ciggarettes and basically anything cheap.

They also infest social networking sites such as myspace, facebook and bebo usuing what they deem to be clever names that involve aliteration or rhymes (some dont have any of these and are just stupid)...Here are examples of names

ChloeCalamaty/CLOHOE/ChloeChaos. (This specimen kept changing her name to more rediculous phrases)






The list goes on
Normal person has just bought a nice fitted jacket but then encounters some clownies

CLOWNIE: where'd you get that from? some scum shop? its horrible

Normal person:
no i got it from camden market

Next day:
whered you get that jacket from?

Camden market, now give me some cider Clohoe and we'll go drive a nice family out of a public park so we can anal.
Beküldő: Olihime 2009. május 5.
1."Unwilling" in Indonesian.
2.The first solo album by Sebadoh and Folk Implosion frontman Lou Barlow.

3.Home backwards.

Is NOT anything to do with 'Emo' culture, that interptritation just comes from idiots who can't spell or think it is cool to be overly phonetically
Cool Guy: Hey, you should listen to 'Emoh" it's so awesome.

Idiot: Nah man, I don't like anything other than Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys.

Cool Guy: Ugh you're so Emoh... I'm gonna go Emoh.
Beküldő: Olihime 2010. március 5.
At cut of meat from a cow
Person one:
You got beef blad?

well done or rare?
Beküldő: Olihime 2009. május 18.
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