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4 definitions by Old Chicory

Any core group of uppity, provincial xenophobes, especially in the Arts.
"I know his music sucks, but let's face it, he's tied in with the Mount Livestock Academy of the Performing Arts."
Beküldő: Old Chicory 2010. január 4.
clannish, ignorant; provincial.
You don't want to play in that jam. The core group is so Academy! (See "Mount Livestock Academy of..." in this case, the Performing Arts)
Beküldő: Old Chicory 2010. január 4.
You've got the zatlys: your mouth smells zatly like my ass.
Beküldő: old chicory 2010. január 5.
Either a French bum or the male suitor of (a) promiscuous female(s).
Omigod, her? Where will that ho'beau dunk his donut next?
Beküldő: Old Chicory 2010. január 21.