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Politician, who wrote speeches for Nixon, Ford and Reagan. Some people would say he's a diehard conservative. He would say he's a traditional conservative. He thinks that the GOP has shifted from its original values. Had the nerve to quit the party. Doing this, he knew he would never have any chance to win a Presidential election.
Pat Buchanan is the only one who is faithful to his original ideas, and consistent in his speeches.
#conservative #right #politics #reagan #reform party
Beküldő: Nicolas Dolisy 2005. november 11.
The place where creatures such as God and good angels live peacefully without even having the slightest idea of what money and power stand for.
One day we'll "Knock on Heaven's Door..."
Beküldő: Nicolas Dolisy 2004. december 12.
American singer (from Seattle I think) and great artist whose lyrics equal her warm Gothic Country melodies. Jesse's voice and style make us want to rest, to close our eyes and to listen peacefuly to this good, still and atypical western sound. Just sit at the back of a bar, where lights are dim, listen to Jesse Sykes' songs and enjoy ! She's released two discs so far, Reckless Burning & Oh My Girl (I personaly prefer the frst record).
One of her best songs, Reckless Burning, Doralee, Don't Let Me Go, You Are Not 'Gotten Here, Winter Hunter.
Beküldő: Nicolas Dolisy 2004. szeptember 2.
House next to campus where usually cute rich chicks, mostly blond gals, live together (30 or more). They're not that much concerned about their academics...IQ often said to be low,...anyway, does this really matter? They are certain they'll find an even richer potential husband. Life's so easy...Their favorite expression is "Oh my God !" (something like 80 times a day...)
-Hey Brenda, take a look at this frat?
-Yep Jenny, Jason's his first name. He was in my bed last night...Or was it two days ago...? Can't remember !
-Oh my Gooooooood !
-Oh my Goooooooooood! (laughs)
"Sorority definitely rhymes with Promiscuity"
Beküldő: Nicolas Dolisy 2005. szeptember 7.
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