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3 definitions by Mwahaha

Lil white kid who tries to be cool and tough but is a pussy deep down inside. Deserves to be beaten with sticks.
Prisuta bought the new G-Unit CD...what a fag.
Beküldő: mwahaha 2004. december 28.
1. Unable to move or act.
2. Sluggish in action or motion; lethargic
3. Chemistry. Not readily reactive with other elements
Bluemeanie WAS lazy
Bluemeanie IS lazy
Bluemeanie is GOING TO BE lazy
Beküldő: Mwahaha 2004. október 23.
A whore of the male specimen.
I'm a man-whore? Cha right, I'm THE man-whore.
Beküldő: Mwahaha 2004. január 19.