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Webshite is derrived from "a website that is shite"... hence webshite

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a mispronounced word originated from a Bond film starring Sean Connery.

webshite can also be used as an alternative word for spam
"This forum is complete webshite"

"What the hell is this webshite that's arrived in my In-box?"
Beküldő: Mr.T, I pity da fool! 2004. október 12.
A word used by schoolkids from the 1970's to show their extreme joy at doing something impressive.

Normally used by holding both thumbs up (a la The Fonz in Happy Days) and saying "Skill!" with a big cheesey grin.
"That wheelie I just popped on my Raleigh Chopper was skill!"

"I've just cleared the 128th screen on Pacman! Skill!"
Beküldő: Mr.T, I pity da fool! 2004. október 13.
Usually posted by people who thnk it's "cleva" or "funneee" to create made-up phrases that nobody has ever heard of or ever used in real-life... probably because they have no friends and rarely leave their bedroom.
Loser: "twazzagoonlicker" is a ....
Me: Shut up, that's not urban slang
Loser: Who cares, I can write what I want
Me: Idiot. Go do something else. Like think. Thinking's good.
Beküldő: Mr.T, I pity da fool! 2005. március 10.
Term used to describe someone incapable of drinking alcohol, such that if they drink any more than two pints of lager they start to behave like a twat.

Also used to describe a wimp who insists that alcohol is the root of all evil and only concedes to it "for medicinal purposes".
"Nah, I'm not going if Dave is, he's a two pint screamer, he'll show us up"

"... and a coke with ice for Darren, cos he's a two pint screamer"
Beküldő: Mr.T, I pity da fool! 2004. október 14.
Originally used by schoolkids in the 1970's, to express your opinion that the person you are speaking to is not telling the truth.

Always pronounced with your tongue stuck between your bottom lip and bottom teeth, so as to push out your bottom lip more than normal.

Often supplemented by holding said bottom lip area with your thumb and index finger, as if you were pulling your lip out.

Silly voice can be added for extra effect.
"You've got a space -invader machine in your bedroom? Belm!"

"He's such a belmer"

"You sh*gged a girl in fifth year? BELM! BELM! BELM!"
Beküldő: Mr.T, I pity da fool! 2004. október 13.
To excel in utter stupidity, moronic behaviour, idiocy, or similar sub-intelligence.
"He did what? That's just pure nobism!"

"The way he drives that car is nobism"
Beküldő: Mr.T, I pity da fool! 2004. október 13.
Written to show that you are suitably impressed with the intellectual capacity of another person.
"That entry you recently submitted to Urban Dictionary was far2clevaX1/2 mate"
Beküldő: Mr.T, I pity da fool! 2004. október 13.
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