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3 definitions by McKizzle Bizzle

Book by Yann Martel about Piscine Molitor Patel and his adventures afloat with a tiger named Richard Parker.
I saw a copy of Life of Pi in the bookstore in Nyack and it had a totally different cover than my copy. I'm gonna buy it!
Beküldő: McKizzle Bizzle 2005. április 28.
Wildhorse Ranch is an equine and feline rescue organization dedicated to saving lives. Go to for more information on how you can donate. is the shiznit fo' showin' peeps that they can donate some serious bling to Wildhorse Ranch, beeyotch! Wicky wicky!
Beküldő: McKizzle Bizzle 2005. április 21.
Computer shortcut to highlight entire contents of URL field/address bar.
I just pressed F6 instead of clicking three times. The entire field was highlighted and I was then free to type and savor the Teen Girl Squad-y goodness.
Beküldő: McKizzle Bizzle 2005. május 4.