34 definitions by Marco

A very nice person to be with
Oh it's Mu'az
Beküldő: marco 2004. február 8.
unkept ladies front bottom area.
"janets hairy axe wound was desperate for a trim"
Beküldő: marco 2003. november 16.
A Group of Young men, of ALL races that are known to stroke or masturbate atleast once a day. This Association is found at THA WALL, located in Le Grand High School.Founded in 2003 when a young male came to school and told everyone his tales of the many...many times he has MASTURBATED!
Young Man: I finally stroked it...and now I can't stop!
Beküldő: MARCO 2005. április 4.
Chillin Hanging Out
Im chizzin
Beküldő: Marco 2004. június 2.
A person who is a wuss.
Man, quit being such a poondie.
Beküldő: Marco 2004. március 10.
Spanish for i'll fuck you up
don't make my give you a chingataso puta!
Beküldő: Marco 2004. december 18.
definition has come from time to download a page to a movie... now simply a porno movie. usually defined as "slow" and "why the fuck are you so god damn slow" and various variations.
shit this web speed makes this be slow motion
Beküldő: marco 2004. június 25.

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