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Rally call to step it up before confronting an enemy or opponent. Akin to "Bring it on!"

Said with passion and ferocity.
Gargamel is calling you out Papa Smurf. He said, "Step up bitch."

Wha? Bring the Noise!
Beküldő: marco 2005. március 30.
unkept ladies front bottom area.
"janets hairy axe wound was desperate for a trim"
Beküldő: marco 2003. november 16.
A Group of Young men, of ALL races that are known to stroke or masturbate atleast once a day. This Association is found at THA WALL, located in Le Grand High School.Founded in 2003 when a young male came to school and told everyone his tales of the many...many times he has MASTURBATED!
Young Man: I finally stroked it...and now I can't stop!
Beküldő: MARCO 2005. április 4.
A person who is a wuss.
Man, quit being such a poondie.
Beküldő: Marco 2004. március 10.
Spanish for i'll fuck you up
don't make my give you a chingataso puta!
Beküldő: Marco 2004. december 18.
THe shoes o a car, also known as tires or wheels.
Chaeck out those car shoes!!
Beküldő: marco 2005. február 14.
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