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2 definitions by Levasaurus Rex

The ultimate Minute to Win It challenge. The contestant has 60 seconds to ejaculate starting completely flaccid (cold turkey) and using no pornographic material whatsoever.
British Lady: Your million dollar challenge is...Cold Turkey
*Audience groans*
Contestant: In front of all them? On national television?
Guy Fiere: Let's hope you can finish strong!
British Lady: Your time begins...now.
Beküldő: Levasaurus Rex 2011. február 10.
122 55
The physical qualities of a person required to engage in a one night stand with said person.
"What do you think of that girl?"
"Eh, she's alright. Not relationship worthy, but she meets my one night standards."
Beküldő: Levasaurus Rex 2013. január 16.
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