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11 definitions by LeaLea

a girl or guy that hops from one person to another. Where the people they chose are all in the same group of friends.
it's pretty self explanitory...
Beküldő: lealea 2003. november 8.
532 172
a vegan dish with veggies and soy products.
All of the food joints had meat so i went to that place with the falafel specials.
Beküldő: LeaLea 2005. június 8.
46 32
An amazing malt beverage that I've gotten drunk off of many times.
Beküldő: lealea 2003. november 8.
28 18
a kick ass drink (in a can that resembles a battery). It's like an energy drink with alchohol! HAHAHAHA!!!
My dumbass friends drive around in thier rice rockets drinking sparks, because nobody knows what it is.
Beküldő: lealea 2003. november 8.
21 12
a fuckin' tight ass malt beverage with a hint of mandarin.
Another form of bacardi silver
Beküldő: lealea 2003. november 8.
7 3
the first bow movement of a women after childbirth. Most of the expelled waste is placenta.
I think i'll name my child maternium.
Beküldő: LeaLea 2005. május 23.
0 1
A girl that goes after or dates a man in the navy.
"Now you're just fuckin' squid bait!"
Beküldő: lealea 2003. november 8.
8 9