204 definitions by Laura

a cup of coffe not beer as some people think
hey pour me a cup o joe.
Beküldő: Laura 2004. január 16.
The word stupid people use when they REALLY mean to say "convulse" or "converge."
I'm so stupid my head is convulging.
Beküldő: Laura 2003. december 28.
Kick-ass metal band with a really sexy lead singer!! Hell yeah! What more could you ask for?
any1 against Disturbed will be maimed, personally, by me, sometime in their life.
Beküldő: Laura 2003. október 23.
poor work, half-assed effort.
The plumber's slipshod repair fell apart within a day.
Beküldő: Laura 2004. december 25.
the clap
clap on.
clap off
clap on
clap off
the clapper
*clap clap*
Beküldő: Laura 2003. november 19.
totaly rank
people who dont like bam magera are gopin
Beküldő: laura 2003. november 11.
something that enjoys sniffing poopholes
My cat Emily is a poophole sniffer.
Beküldő: Laura 2004. április 27.

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