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1183 definitions by Kung-Fu Jesus

For a woman to bugger a man with a strap-on
My inbox keeps filling up with peg porn
Beküldő: Kung-fu Jesus 2004. július 27.
(adj.) The best there is. The origin is the star system used to measure luxury in hotels, where one is the worst, and five is the best.
My five star ho.
Beküldő: Kung-Fu Jesus 2004. április 29.
One who is in a relationship with another, often means married.
"Sorry ladies, I'm spoken for"
Beküldő: Kung-Fu Jesus 2004. április 19.
More correctly, beastiality/zooerastian pornography.

Nine times out of ten, people just look at it for luaghs.
hahahahaha! Look at this bitch get some from a horse!
Beküldő: Kung-Fu Jesus 2004. április 18.
Usually a reaction to a long-term annoyance brought about by one person, a blanket party is where an unsuspecting person (individuals only, not on groups) is taken by surprise when a blanket is thrown over them and they are wrestled to the ground, then beaten with blunt objects by other members of the group.
After the first blanket party, they usually get the message.
Beküldő: Kung-Fu Jesus 2004. július 21.
(Idiom) To be in an undesirable situation*.
*Elitist would actually enjoy this.
Beküldő: Kung-Fu Jesus 2004. május 10.
(n.) One who gives orgasms, saving many (sex) lives.
I am the ultimate orgasm donor
Beküldő: Kung-Fu Jesus 2004. május 27.