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the name of a really cool girl
Nataleigh is a really cool girl
Beküldő: kt 2004. október 23.
A person who argues just for the sake of arguing on a message board.
Man, he is such a Tarb!
Beküldő: KT 2004. október 4.
The plural of "Moisty" or "Moist"

Where there are 2 or more hotties in the same area

"Shit its humid in here" (Many hotties)

"How's the weather been lately?"
"Very Humid"
Beküldő: KT 2003. augusztus 18.
An asian New Zealander (chinese kiwi)
Beküldő: KT 2003. augusztus 18.
stupid girl, ususally blonde and rich
that ditz just tried to compliment me. shes so dumb
Beküldő: kt 2003. június 5.
A random, often high pitched sound made as as an inquisition, explanation, or simply to fill boring silent patches.
"blah blah blah blah blah"
Beküldő: kt 2003. december 7.

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