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22 definitions by KD

Whan a little vomit comes up in your mouth and you swallow it back down.
When I saw hj's chaloobies I bluked.
Beküldő: kd 2004. szeptember 27.
7 7
Shortened form of "Atmosphere" a Hip Hop group.
Beküldő: KD 2003. augusztus 12.
9 9
When somebody tries to express their crazy laughter in text and uses phrases such as LOL OMG LMFAO ROFL LMAO!! BWL GMBO LOLZZZZZ!!!! in one sentence.
One: 'posts crazy funny joke on facebook'

Two: (talk lol language) LMFAO OMG LOLZ HAHA ROFL LMAO BWL OMGEEZUS LOL GMBO!!!! funny.
Beküldő: Kd 2012. február 21.
1 2
Call me King Jimmerjammer
Beküldő: KD 2002. november 14.
8 9
it doesnt really mean anything but its a goddam cool word. usually means "nothing"
you aint gettin diddleysquat!
Beküldő: KD 2003. június 9.
5 7
the head honcho at ATNW
men want to be him
women think they can change him
I just got IP banned by Ridd
Beküldő: KD 2005. március 9.
2 7
Yeeeeaaah, Thats my sweet meet.
Beküldő: KD 2002. november 14.
13 21