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61 definitions by KC

When you are doing a girl from behind, and you reach over to glass of ice water, pull out a piece of ice, and slide it into her ass.
Beküldő: KC 2003. november 7.
8 3
some one who is a piece of shit
your a fuckng cock bastard
Beküldő: Kc 2003. augusztus 27.
21 16
Filthy Mexican that jumped the border and despite learning english was still able to get a low paying job.
That filthy fruit picker swam over here from Mexico.
Beküldő: KC 2003. július 24.
21 16
slang for breasts, boobies, female jugglies, jugs, bongos.

derived from the disney movie about witches and other shitty stuff.
Sister:Max loves your waboos.

"Jesus fucking christ, my waboos are so sore!"
Beküldő: KC 2005. február 28.
6 3
brownies with weed!
Oh man! Brooks just baked some more magick brownies!
Beküldő: KC 2003. november 27.
6 4
Word used to describe all implausible situations. Usually followed by face that pronounces the word without actually voicing it outloud.
"dude guy, i got a lamborghini today."
"orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. or.... oryea"

"hey why don't you go with kristin kreuk to prom"


Beküldő: kc 2002. december 24.
2 1
Niggers with Neck Tattoos.
D.Nass and B.Nigger are on the Nigneckz
Beküldő: KC 2005. január 31.
6 6