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115 definitions by K

A really, super hot Canadian rapper.
"Look, there goes a MadChild!"
Beküldő: k 2003. november 28.
Talkin'stuff; Talkin' trash
He ain't talkin' nothin' but booty chatta.
Beküldő: K 2003. november 30.
Asome fast bike for everyday rider. Can woop on other 600 crotch rockets and can also ride on it all day. Much more upright seating than conventional sportbike without losing any handling or speed capabilities.
That FZ6 looks like its going 100 mph when its standing still1
Beküldő: k 2005. március 6.
Fugly guys over the age of 25 who prey on younger innocent teenage girls for sex; since they are mentally weaker.
"dam that derrick; hes a fucking pre-teen playa!"
Beküldő: K 2003. november 13.
similiar to screw it and no way; but applying strictly to a person named dat.
Guy 1: jasonic did u know that pejwinsky is a shit disturber?
Guy 1: fuck dat!
Beküldő: K 2003. november 10.
a spicey hip term meaning..thats so cool, so rockin awesome! pimping! its snazzy.

another cool way to say it....snazzay. as in...snaz-A. very pimp dude.
that is such a snazzy car my brother.

snazzy is a cool word.
Beküldő: K 2004. február 27.
Synonym of "really good stuff". Originated from the UK.
that's good crack mate!
Beküldő: K 2004. november 2.