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Geek rock band. Huge influence.
See also Stephen Malkmus.
Pavement is so wowee zowee!
Beküldő: julie 2003. október 6.
heroin chic skinny guitarist for the strokes.
has nice hair.
nick valensi
has nice hair.
Beküldő: julie 2003. október 1.
A tattoo on the lower back (or small of the back) of a promiscuous female so that her one night stand has something to look at while slamming her from behind.
"This girl I was hittin' doggy style had this whore tattoo of butterflies and thorns above her ass."
Beküldő: Julie 2004. március 21.
Founding member of Sonic youth
Thurston Moore eats skippy peanut butter when he's angry
Beküldő: julie 2003. október 14.
down to the very bone
awww that dude got beat down to the white meat
Beküldő: julie 2005. február 7.
Sean Faris:one sexy actor that has appeared on Boston Public,Smallville,Pearl Harbour,Sleepover and Life as we know it.He currently lives in L.A.And his hometown is Parma,Ohio.His B-Day is March,25.
"Sean Faris is one sexy actor!"
Beküldő: Julie 2004. november 29.
A weird puppet created by Liam Lynch.
Beküldő: Julie 2003. április 21.

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