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Military acronym for Drill Instructor.
The DI made recruit warren do 200 pushups.
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. október 1.
An aerial radar contact that is confirmed to be hostile.
Bandits! Bandits! 3 o'clock low, Checkerboard Squadron, roll in and engage with AMRAAMs!
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. október 6.
An aeriral radar contact that has not yet been confirmed as hostile.
All right checkerboard squadron, Watch those Bogeys, if they try to engage, take 'em out.
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. október 6.
A topless or nude woman whose pictures can be found on the third page of British tabloids.
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. október 3.
To forcibly make a handcuffed person walk against their will.
The police officers began to frogmarch the suspected kiddie porn kingpin to an awiting squad car.
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. október 13.
Nickname given by cartoonist Gary Trudeau to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California.
Gropenfuhrer, what is your policy for recovering California's Economy?
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. december 4.
A small East German car with a two-stroke engine that has become quite the pop culture icon in Germany ever since reunification. Known affectionatley by the Germans as "Trabis".
Trabants are cool cars!
Beküldő: JonathanChance 2003. szeptember 23.

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