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A weird thing, person or situation, a person considered stupid or foolish.
A set of fonts showing pictures instad of letters.
You are a real dingbat.

I was talking to your best friend, he told me your were in on holiday, he is a real dingbat isn't he.

I tried to cash my wifes paycheck, I felt like a dingbat when they refused me because of my sex.
Beküldő: John365 2003. március 13.
Creative accounting,
My best account has cooked the books this year, my tax bill is the lowest ever
Beküldő: john365 2003. március 13.
An english sweet. (Candy)
I thought I wuold have a Jelly baby with my tea
Beküldő: john365 2003. március 13.
Any software not by microsoft
I used a generic program for getting my e.mail
Beküldő: john365 2003. március 13.
English Phone Company also provides internet access. Probably the biggest in the known universe.
I would only use BT if you have no other option
Beküldő: john365 2003. március 13.
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