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75 definitions by Joe Bone

A cruel event, typically in a college setting, at which the gentlemen compete to see who can attend with the ugliest date.
Damn, I could have won $100 if only that guy hadn't shown up with the retarded kid from the grocery.
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. március 7.
539 86
A female, or female sex organ, as in "pussy pie".
Dude let's go get us some pie.
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. március 7.
1140 770
1. Having sexual relations with a co-worker.

2. Embezzling from one's employer.
"Dude, dipping your pen in company ink is a good way to get something you don't want."
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. március 11.
175 43
An especially exciting sporting event such as a football or basketball game, typified by back and forth scoring and a great finish.
Dad: "Damn, that game was a barnburner!"

Joe: "What the hell are you talking about, old man?"
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. március 11.
182 61
A football play in which several speedy wide receivers (generally of African descent) run to the endzone (go deep) in an attempt to catch a long forward pass from the quarterback. Often used in late game situations, it is particularly effective against teams with white defensive backs.
With 14 seconds to go, Marino called "niggers go deep".
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. április 17.
121 46
1. excellent metal band founded in late 70's by former Deep Purple member David Coverdale.

2. penis
1. "Crank up the Whitesnake, bubba!"

2. "Sit on my whitesnake, sweetcheeks!"
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. március 17.
111 42
1. freebase form of cocaine, generally smoked in a crackpipe

2. the crevice between one's butt cheeks.
"The Customs officer stripsearched Oprah and found forty pounds of crack."
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. március 14.
117 52