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90 definitions by Jo

the state of mind that one is in when they have not gotten enough sleep; when one is crazy as if drunk
She became moogily after spending the night on the bus in the freshman parking lot.
Beküldő: jo 2004. november 9.
a kid who is scared to get hit by a paintball
wow look at that nickgrim
Beküldő: jo 2004. október 7.
To follow through slightly when farting - or indeed burping.
'That sounded like a wet fart. You didn't just platch did you'
Beküldő: Jo 2004. július 26.
hate the french(cheese eating surrender monkeys) speak brehon a celtic language in parts. independant anti-french basically
people from brittany in northern france
Beküldő: jo 2004. február 3.
to move over
to go somewhere
lets merge that way!

merge over there

can we merge to the movies tonight?
Beküldő: Jo 2003. november 29.
When one organisation attempts to enforce their will on others.
War is the locomotive of history. -Marx
Beküldő: Jo 2003. február 1.
1 A place people are from
2 A way to describe people from that place by the way they dance
1 Im from Amboy
2 OMG, did you see that girl from Amboy at the party, her ass was everywhere!
Beküldő: Jo 2005. március 12.