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32 definitions by Jedi Master Luna

This is a more enegrgetic version of glomping.
When you are VERY excited to see someone.
Person 1: Hey! I'm back online!
Person 2: ZOMG! *tacklehuggingflyingglomp*
Beküldő: Jedi Master Luna 2006. május 4.
Short for: Oh My God Rolling On the Floor, Fucking Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.
*insert MSN name*: brother totally just got asked a GUY!

*insert another MSN name*: OMGROFFLMFAO!!
Beküldő: Jedi Master Luna 2006. július 30.
Sexy, except sexier.
OMG Johnny Depp is smexxy!
Beküldő: Jedi Master Luna 2006. augusztus 1.
The nickname for Darth Vader before he became Darth Vader!
It's funny, that all the way until he became 'evil' his nickname was Ani. He doesn't really like being called this, it makes him sound 'like a little boy'.
Padme: Ani?

Anakin: ANAKIN! Ani makes me sound like a little boy.
Beküldő: Jedi Master Luna 2006. január 31.