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163 definitions by Jamie

The top blanket on a hotel bed, infrequently washed, often found to contain traces of blood, semen and feces as per oprah's investigation.
Dude, I always remove the cum blanket first thing upon checkin!
Beküldő: jamie 2003. március 4.
a gay man that loves to be shit upon
Bobby is a scat queen from way back. He loves when I shit on his chest.
Beküldő: Jamie 2004. december 23.
scupper toerag skank
hey baz, you're a bit of a wran's man aren't you
Beküldő: Jamie 2003. november 29.
An awesome pc game, great online.
You look real tired man.

I know, i was up all night playing avp2.
Beküldő: Jamie 2004. október 28.
One who gets high off of Robotussin Cough Medicine.
She's always carrying bottle of cough medicine around, what's with that!?

Ehh.. she's probably a Robotripper.
Beküldő: jamie 2003. december 30.
A photography hobbyist.
Jan is always snapping pictures of something. She's such a shutter bug!
Beküldő: Jamie 2004. augusztus 13.
Unusually small and tight cunt.
Me nobs red raw, I shagged this bird last night and she had a fanny like a mouses ear.
Beküldő: Jamie 2003. április 13.