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636 definitions by Jake

shit shit shit
pure shit
Eifel 65 is shit
lyrically, musicaly and religously
Beküldő: jake 2004. november 20.
a 5-cent coin
Let me see your nipple, er, I mean NICKEL !
Beküldő: Jake 2004. február 20.
The European style "mohawk" with long shaggy hair.
Bobbys frohawk makes him look like a gay.
Beküldő: Jake 2005. március 7.
fast looking mazda built on 626 platform, overpriced and overated modification of one of mazdas leading family sedans
i have poor taste so i boutght an mx6
Beküldő: jake 2003. december 8.
Puttin yo fat dizzo in any orafice on a bitchs body
Brian T. Lovett gives lots of bitchs hot beef injections
Beküldő: Jake 2005. február 22.
where two males, do doggy style in the bed, while shaking the bed violently.
Austin, i heard u were rocking the cradle with ur dad last night
Beküldő: jake 2004. augusztus 6.
A term used to describe outrageously ugly girls.
'Yeah I went out with those girls last night'
--Did you do em?
'No, they were duds.'
Beküldő: Jake 2005. február 27.